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How a Garage Door Can Help or Hinder the Sale of Your House

Brand new pots of flowers and a freshly mowed lawn can only do so much to up the curb appeal for a house you’re trying to sell. If you’ve got mega repairs needed on your stucco, huge cracks in your driveway, or a sagging roof, those aren’t going to be hidden by some pretty new bushes.

One thing you can’t escape is the look of your garage door. Here’s how the appearance and performance of your garage door can help or hinder the sale of your home:

#1 Curb Appeal

At the top of the list for biggest culprits for eye-sores on the front of your home is your garage door. It’s one of the first things people notice as they drive up. Is the paint faded? Is it buckling in spots? People are going to notice it right away.

But if it’s looking great, it’s only going to mean good things. It’s almost like the handshake of the house. Buyers can really tell a lot about the rest of the house by the way your garage door looks. If you want to nail that first impression, you’ve gotta have that door looking nice and spruced up.

#2 Resale Value

Studies show that garage door replacement pays you back the most at resale of your home. Most sales show that they get AT LEAST 100% of the value back, if not even more. That’s more than pools, kitchens, and master-baths! So, rest assured, this is a sound investment!

#3 Increased Energy-Efficiency and Outside Noise Reduction

With a new garage door, you’ll be looking at much better insulation. This is music to every buyer’s ears as they take a look at the stats of a home. Energy efficiency and outside noise reductions are HUGE pluses, especially in the heat of Arizona or if your home is close to a busy street.

#4 Quicker Inspection Period

Having your door serviced and safety systems checked before listing your home can save you from being flagged by a home inspector. Which means less hassle for the buyer and less money out of your pocket for something you might not have been expecting further down the road in the selling process. Having a non-existent or really small list of things that need to get fixed in order to sell your house only makes everything smoother!

That being said, if your garage door is flagged by a home inspector, Gecko Garage Door can easily service and complete a safety check with full documentation to give to the buyers. This can give peace of mind for all who are involved.

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