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CALL NOW: 623-546-8868

How to Turn Your Garage into a Man cave or She Shed

One of the latest trends in home design is something we just can’t stop dreaming about: Man Caves and She Sheds. Every person deserves to have a space that feels like it’s their own. One they can relax in, be creative in, or just hang.

A Brief Man Cave History

The idea of Man Caves has been around for several years, actually getting their first nod to the term in 1992 (unless you want to go back further to when Man Caves were actual…caves.) They were first created in basements of homes and got their popularity across the midwest where homes typically had areas like that but quickly spread across the country and into different areas of homes. Basically anywhere a dude could go to feel his manliest in his home became his sanctuary.

The She Shed Origin Story

She Sheds are much newer on the scene, only becoming popular in the last few years, with their first mention in 2015. This was woman’s answer to the Man Cave and allowed women to have a space that was their own, to get one solitary moment of peace and quiet–at least until their kids found them.

Both She Sheds and Man Caves can really be created in any room or space in the home or even something detached (hence the name, She Shed.) But what if you don’t have extra space on your property to be adding something new? You’ve got to make what you’ve already got work for you!

How to Make Your Cave or Shed

How to Make Your Cave or Shed

Using your existing garage as your Man Cave or She Shed comes with its own list of challenges (especially if you’ve already got enough stuff in there keeping you from parking your cars inside.) You’ve got to decide what is most important to you: keeping those boxes of baby clothes from 20 years ago or creating a new usable space–and either answer is okay!

We’d argue that one of the first things you’ve got to consider when turning your garage into a Man Cave or She Shed is your garage door. Standard garage doors just won’t cut it when you’re designing something to be comfortable where you don’t want to listen to the clanging of metal every time you come in and out.

There are some great options out there that can really up-level your area. The LiftMaster 8550WLED offers super quiet operation which is essential for any vibe. And the bright lighting it brings gives an upgraded tone so your Man Cave isn’t likened to the Bat Cave (unless that’s your thing. Then you do you.) A 3-layer garage door has a washable steel-lined backing for a cleaner look. Any upgrade to your garage door really takes it up a notch.

Moving on from your garage door, you’ve got several really great options for your flooring depending on the look you’re going for. Epoxy floors do wonders to transform the space and can hide years of oil changes and paint projects gone wrong. Durable, lock-together floors are great if you’ve got an area that will end up being used in a workspace and you need them to stand up a beating. You can even continue your tile from inside your home to create an extended space with a seamless transition.

The Finishing Touches

Now it’s time for all the bells and whistles. Both Man Caves and She Sheds can be upgraded with more garage cabinets and storage racks. TVs, comfortable seating, and gym equipment take it to the next level. But if you really want to take it up a notch, you can add bars, drafting tables, rock climbing walls, gardening benches, sewing tables, or even a shower!

What is in your perfect Man Cave or She Shed? Are there any things we missed? Let us know!

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