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5 Things to Consider When Buying a new Garage Door for Your Newly Built Home

The new smell. The soft carpet that's never had anything spilled on it. Knowing that no one has ever slept in that room before you. The garage door that doesn't work quite right...

Buying and building a brand new home is so exciting! But it also brings a lot of challenges–many that are unexpected. Everything should be totally new and in perfect working order, right?

If you’ve ever built a brand new home, you know that’s not always the case. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when it comes to buying a new garage door and opener for your brand new home.

#1 Buying an operator from the home builder is typically more expensive and a lower quality product.

How much does a new garage door cost? In the case of paying the home builder for one, you’re paying more for less. In fact you’re not just paying a higher price because you bought it through the builder. You’re paying even higher because it’s rolled into your mortgage. If you spent $1000 on your new garage door and opener (remember it’s more expensive through them) you could pay an extra $500-700 in interest!

#2 Because new doors on track homes are low quality, they should be inspected after move-in for proper installation.

If you end up going the route of purchasing your new garage door or opener through your builder, we’d strongly encourage you to make sure it’s inspected by an outside company. Not every builder is going to want to reinstall something on a whim so having an outside company verify it is your best bet (seriously, call us.) It needs to be checked for proper installation as well as lubrication. Which brings us to…

#3 New garage doors are rarely lubricated by the installer and should be lubricated immediately upon install.

When new garage doors are installed by the builder, it’s not often by someone who specializes in garage doors and openers (like us!) Not trying to put down anyone who’s in that spot–there’s just a lot to know and check when you’re installing garage doors. That’s why we’re the experts! Yet another reason to give us a call 🙂

#4 Set your install appointment before your move-in date.

Don’t get stuck on the day of your move! Can you imagine having all your reluctant friends there to help you move only to realize you can’t get your garage door open? Or worse, that you had no garage door at all? That means no storage for a lot of boxes.

#5 Know you have options!

When you purchase through a private company like Gecko Garage Door (shameless plug!) you’ve got countless more options and upgrades available than few your home builder will give you (at a much cheaper rate as well.) You can be the envy of your new neighbors with a high tech, quiet, and smart garage door and accessories. If you’re wanting more garage door accessories for your new-build, set up an appointment for a new keyless entry, additional remotes, laser parking assistance, or automatic close timers.

Remember, no smart home should have a dumb garage!

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