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CALL NOW: 623-546-8868

CALL NOW: 623-546-8868

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When a Technician Visits

No matter what side of the issue you fall on, one thing we can all agree on is that our everyday life is different than it ever has been before. Mask or no mask, things are going to feel a little bit (or a lotta bit) uncomfortable for a while.

But we also know that we can’t just stop doing life altogether. Pipes will still burst, dishwashers will still break, and cable will still go out. Emergencies will still happen and days will still keep coming. Our responses will all just look different in this new (for now) normal, including what it looks like to have any type of technician in your home.

At Gecko Garage Door, our customers’ and technicians’ safety is our number one priority. And it’s our goal to go above and beyond industry-standard safety practices so that everyone involved is 100% comfortable.

Here’s what we will be having our technicians adhere to when visiting homes and what we believe are the biggest ways to keep everyone safe:

#1 Masks

We know this is a hot button issue right now and we certainly aren’t asking that any of our customers wear masks (although we won’t stop you, either!) But you can rest assured that any amount of time our technicians spend at or in your home, they will be wearing disposable masks. Regardless of your take on this issue, we want everyone to know that we’re doing our part. Yes, they get hot and uncomfortable, especially in these AZ summers. That’s how serious we are in our commitment to your safety.

#2 Gloves

This step is like Emeril in the kitchen and BAM! kicking it up a notch. Wearing gloves while at a home helps keep both parties safe. This keeps any germs the technician may have safely away from your family and any potential germs found in your home off the hands of our technician. Win/Win. (Or if you are a fan of The Office, Win/Win/Win.)

#3 Regular well-screenings

We are asking all technicians to do a self-check before they go on any call. Temperature checks, symptom checks, and lots and lots of hand sanitizer. We’ve also asked any technician who is not feeling well to stay home. One of the trickiest parts about this particular virus we’re facing at the moment is that symptoms can often start the same as the common cold, flu, or even allergies. So we will take extreme precaution and that will help us avoid any missteps along these lines.

#4 Contactless Repair

We offer contactless door repair so maintain every bit of physical distancing that we can. All you have to do is let us know and we can get you set up with online or over the phone payment.

While these practices seem overly simple, it’s extremely alarming to see the number of companies that aren’t requiring even basic safety measures like the ones listed above for their employees. At Gecko Garage Door, we know that right now everything can seem chaotic and full of so many unknowns. We want to make our visit into your home one less thing you have to worry about.

Contact us today at 623-546-8868 for your FREE consultation.

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