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CALL NOW: 623-546-8868

10 Qualities of a Great Garage Door Technician

We’ve all been there.

You’ve got someone coming to your house to fix your plumbing, cable, washing machine, etc… They were supposed to be there between 8 and 2.

It’s 3:27.

You’ve got an appointment at 3:45 and you haven’t heard from your technician. Just as you decide to leave the house, they pull in the driveway.

Face palm.

It happens so often, we almost expect it, don’t we?

At Gecko Garage Doors, we strive to be the exception to that rule. Our goal is to go above and beyond what you expect when one of our technicians comes to your home. And if that doesn’t happen, we will make it right.

Here’s ten qualities to look for in a great technician (and ten things to help you identify a bad one)

10 👍🏻GOOD Tech vs. 🛑BAD Tech Qualities

👍🏻Lets you know when they’re on their way 🛑Shows up without warning

Even within the expected window, a good tech will let you know when they’re close so you’re confident in their arrival time. Plus, it alleviates any awkward meetings in pajamas!

👍🏻Arrives within the preset window 🛑Doesn’t show up or is late to the appointment

We know how long a typical call takes and we set our schedule accordingly. If, for any reason, we think we won’t hit that window, we’re going to give you as much advance notice as possible. Bad techs won’t even make the call.

👍🏻Professional appearance including a well-marked and maintained work vehicle 🛑Disheveled or unprofessional work attire or truck

We all know what they say about first impressions. And that’s because it’s true. From the moment we pull up to your house, we want you to feel safe and comfortable with us being at your home.

👍🏻Polite and courteous 🛑Makes you feel like you’re an inconvenience

We’re there to serve you. And it’s our job to treat you and your home with respect. Any technician that does otherwise doesn’t deserve your business.

👍🏻Does complete inspection and communicates clearly about the repairs needed 🛑Doesn’t spend enough time diagnosing, rushes, and/or makes repairs without prior approval

Our technicians not only do thorough inspections in order to give the proper diagnosis, we’ll answer any questions you have throughout the process. You’ll have all of the information in your hands before we start repairs, including pricing. Which leads us to…

👍🏻Gives total price up front 🛑Aggressive sales tactics

No one wants to feel like they’re being sold when they’re dealing with a repair in their home. Those situations can be stressful enough on their own. We’ll give you complete pricing information before we make a single repair. Our technicians are salary employees, so you can be sure that they’ll never try to upsell you something that you don’t need.

👍🏻Prioritizes safety 🛑Installs improper parts and/or takes door or opener apart without approval

This one seems silly–who would do such a thing? We’re experts in our field and we still will always triple check our parts prior to install. And we’ll never touch a thing without permission from you first.

👍🏻Cleans up after job is complete 🛑Leaves messes

Our mamas raised us right–we make sure our work doesn’t add any messes to your home. And if it does, it’ll be cleaned up before we leave. We don’t want there to be any evidence left that we were there, except for a new or repaired garage door and smiles on your faces.

👍🏻Demonstrates repair or new equipment 🛑Leaves before all your questions are answered

One of the worst things to happen with a new piece of technology in your home is not knowing how to use it. Before any of our technicians leave the job site, you’ll be shown exactly what was fixed or how to use the new equipment. Feel free to ask any questions you’ve got for us!

👍🏻Reviews warranties and future door needs with a timeline 🛑Dishonest marketing

Each garage door manufacturer has different specifications for their warranties and we’ll make that perfectly clear when we visit, so you’ll know all of the details of your warranty. Gecko Garage Doors also backs our own guarantees, so you’ll feel incredibly confident in the work and product you’ve received! Plus, we’ll set a clear timeline for when any new maintenance should be done.

Are you ready for a new look? Give us a call today at (623)-546-8868 to schedule a free consultation.
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